TekyBoy Crypto Services

For Payment Intervals and Minimum Payout check Payouts page

Please configure your miners using the following layout

stratum+tcp://stratum.tekyboy.tk:PORT -u "Your_Wallet_Address" -p Anything

All ports which start with 1xxxx are Vardiff

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Disclaimer: Please mine at your own RisK, should server stop or anything goes wrong (in rare case) your submitted shares will not be reimbursed Wink that is why i set this frequent payout and its interval (ain't going to make big profits from the delayed payouts).

Pools / Coins

Coin Algo Miners Blocks Found Hashrate
alpacoin sha256 1 1173 938.25 GH
asiadigicoin scrypt 1 816 30.12 MH
bitcoin21 sha256 6 1856 15.17 TH
bombcoin scrypt 1 16887 1.80 MH
clinton sha256 0 23603 0.00 KH
posex sha256 2 66310 153.93 GH
revenu sha256 5 5377 2.18 TH
yocoin(old) scrypt 0 23 0.00 KH
yocoin(new) scrypt 0 784 0.00 KH